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Rudolph Nureyev

I toured with Rudolph Nureyev when he was in Australia in the 70’s.  One of only 2 sculptors to work live from him, it was an interesting and rewarding time. I studied and sculpted  Nureyev during his practice and rehearsal sessions.  Working live with Nureyev I had to work at great speed to capture his movements along with the energy, strength, and physical beauty. Nureyev was always the first dancer to start and would continue long after the other dancers had finished.  From the models I created I chose 7 pieces of which 5 sets were produced. These were sold to private collectors and institutions

I have studied and researched the human figure in dance throughout my sculpture career and created sculptures of many truly wonderful dancers including  Mikhail Baryshnikov in New York and Maya Plisetskaya when she was in Perth.

This bust of Nureyeev was created live during that period.  It shows him as he was,  without his make-up.  It is three-quarters life-size, and 3 are available.  They can be cast in bronze or resin, according to your order.  Contact the sculptor to discuss.



Rudolph Nureyev

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